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Summer Semester

Don't waste your lockdown, accelerate your education! Check out the modules we are offering this summer semester.
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Common Modules - All Faculties

Level 3

Arabic Language and Society (Arabic speakers) (ALS)

Omani Culture and Civilization (Non-Arabic Speakers) (OCC)

English Vocabulary in Use (EVU)

Fundamentals of Business Management (FBM)

Fundamentals of ICT (FICT)

English for General Reading and Writing (EGRW)

Professional Communication Skills in English (PCSE)

Fundamentals of Personal Development (FPD)

Faculty of Business Management

Level 4

 IT Applications for Business (ITAB)

 Principles of Economics (POE)

 Principles of Management (PMG)

 Introduction to Business Accounting (IBA)

Level 5

 Research Methods (RM)  

 Foundation to Business Strategy (FBS)

 Business Law and Taxation (BLT)

 Financial Reporting (FR)

  Organisational Behaviour (OB)  

Level 6

 Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB)

 Management  Information Systems (MIS)

 Auditing (Aud)

 P1 (Project)

 Strategic Management (S. Mngt)

Faculty of English Language Studies

Level 4

 Introduction to Linguistics (ITL)  

 English Phonetics and Phonology (EPP)

Level 5

 English Syntax (ES)

 Corpus Based Study (CES)

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