Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology (IT), an integral academic unit of Majan College (University College), is committed towards providing a host of state-of-the-art academic programs in support of the local, regional, and global IT community.

These programmes are strategically studied and updated to enable graduates to adapt to the dynamic nature of the IT industry.

The programmes offered in the faculty are current and innovative and designed to develop students’ cognitive and transferable skills besides subject knowledge. These programmes are:

Students are required to pass 8 modules totalling 120 credits in each year (level). In the final year students must also register for the project (dissertation) which accounts for 30 credits (equivalent to a double module). In total students must satisfactorily complete 360 credits (24 modules) with a combination of core and specialisation modules to be eligible for the award of the BA (Hons).

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