Faculty of Business Management

The Faculty of Business Management is the largest faculty at Majan College with 1645 students.

The Faculty of Business Management offers five undergraduate programmes. These programmes are validated by the University of Bedfordshire (UK) and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), Oman.

The faculty ensures that these programmes are current and innovative and designed to develop students’ cognitive and transferable skills besides subject knowledge. These programmes are:

Dip HE/BA (Hons) in Business Administration with the following 8 pathways:

  • General Pathway

    This programme aims to develop a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The programme provides students with exposure to different areas and functions of business such as Accounting, Finance, Information technology, Marketing, Human resource and Strategy. It also enables students to take a broader perspective and ability to interlink different issues in the process of decision making. Students of this programme will also learn a broad range of managerial capabilities, problem solving and communication skills. Full Course Overview
  • Human Resource Management Pathway

    This programme develops a range of skills and knowledge essential to the effective management of HR functions such as staff planning, job analysis and design, recruitment and training, performance appraisal and assessment of training needs. Students of this programme will also be exposed to modules in accounting and finance, information systems, mathematics and statistics, management and marketing, in addition to English Language courses. Full Course Overview
  • Marketing Pathway

    Students of this programme learn about the role of markets and marketing in today's society. The programme has a strong emphasis on understanding consumers' wants and needs and also understanding their behaviour. This programme starts with providing the fundamental principles of marketing and progresses to the marketing applications in real life scenarios.It also develops a good understanding of the core concepts underlying the practice of finance and accounting, micro and macro economics, organisational structure, management principles and the development of successful business strategies. Full Course Overview
  • Accounting Pathway

    The programme provides a blend of a conceptual theoretical framework with practical applications and covers fundamental theoretical knowledge through to more specialised accounting requirements. This degree will develop a wide range of skills such as analytical problem solving, teamwork, research and organising and communicating information besides an understanding of the legal, economic, behavioural and human aspects of business organisations.The graduates of this programme will be capable of pursuing careers as finance managers, financial or management accountants, public accountants and managers. Full Course Overview
  • Information Systems Pathway

    The BA (Hons) in Business Administration with Information Systems pathway is designed to meet the growing needs of today's business world by merging IT skills with business knowledge.This programme will enable students to apply information technology solutions to business situations, evaluate technical knowledge and confidently take on project – and team – management in IT-related business scenarios. It also develops a good understanding of the business environment including the legal, economic, behavioural and human aspects and the core concepts underlying the practice of finance and accounting, management principles and the development of successful business strategies. It is aimed at developing students' skills of interpreting and communicating complicated technical ideas to those with less technical knowledge and prepares them for leadership roles in Business and IT management such as IT consultant, management consultant, business analyst, project manager, systems analyst, business systems and integration consultant and security and privacy consultant. Full Course Overview
  • Entrepreneurship Pathway

    The importance of entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises have been widely accepted as vital for economic growth and employment generation. The role of higher education in the creation of graduate entrepreneurs is significant. Hence there is need for designing deliberate educational strategy to encourage entrepreneurship among students in particular and society in general. Entrepreneurs have a set of personal skills, attributes and behaviour that go beyond the purely commercial. The BA (Hons) in Business Administration with Entrepreneurship pathway develops the skills that are necessary to meet the demands for setting up and managing own businesses. The programme provides the business management core that includes an extensive background in the functional areas of marketing, accounting, and management; an understanding of the business environment to include the legal, economic, behavioural and human aspects; technical skills in information systems, mathematics and quantitative analysis; and the ability to communicate, integrate and synthesise. As a graduate you will be able to integrate the theory and practice which will enable you to communicate effectively, understand the internal and external environments of business, appreciate the legal, ethical, strategic and behavioural contexts of business decisions, and understand the financial and economic dynamics which constitute the context for business activity. You will be also equipped with the skills, knowledge and methods that are needed to launch a new enterprise, take over an existing business, or be a dynamic manager who can make a dramatic difference in the future of a small business.Full Course Overview
  • Tourism and Event Management Pathway

    The BA (Hons) Business Administration with Tourism include modules aimed at providing students with the fundamentals of business management including accountancy, computing and marketing and is augmented by specialist travel and tourism modules. Research methods and skills, market segmentation, strategic planning, advertising, sales, promotions, pricing, and distribution will be explored in depth. Graduates will be prepared for a career in business management with an emphasis on the relevant skills and knowledge pertaining to the tourism sector.Full Course Overview
  • Transport Operations Management Pathway

    Transport Operations Management is a new BA Business Administration pathway designed to equip students with knowledge and skills relevant to the operation of shipping and road transport systems and associated supply chains. Students who follow this pathway will gain a good grounding in logistics and inventory management tasks, preparing them for careers in ports, logistics and land transport management. Diploma and degree programmes covering these areas are unusual in Oman, so students choosing this pathway may well find employment successfully after graduation. Full Course Overview

BSc (Hons) Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Dip HE/BA (Hons) in Accounting

Dip HE/BA (Hons) in Finance

Dip HE/BA (Hons) in Marketing

Dip HE/BA (Hons) Islamic Banking and Finance

Dip HE/BSc (Hons) in E-Business


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