Are you accredited ?

Yes, Majan College is accredited. It is an accredited college of the University of Bedfordshire, UK which has a strong reputation for quality teaching and student support.  It is also fully approved and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Oman. Majan was also the first fully accredited HEI by the OAAAQA (Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education).

When is the application/registration deadline ?

Students can apply any time during the academic year but registration is confined to the two semesters, beginning September and February. Majan College has a rolling registration deadline for each semester.  As a rule, the deadlines fall on the last working day before the commencement of the first teaching week.

When do classes begin?

The College's normal starting dates for undergraduate programmes are in September and February each year.

How long does it take to complete the programme?

Duration of the study depends on the mode of study and the award applied for.


Mode of study


Diploma of Higher Education

Full time

4 years

Diploma of Higher Education

Part time

4.5  years

Bachelors (Hons)

Full time

5 years

Bachelors (Hons)

Part time

6 years

Is the college  Wi-Fi enabled?

Yes.  The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

Are my English-language skills good enough?

Students who join after completing the general diploma are normally enrolled on a one year Foundation course before joining the undergraduate college.

Students are expected to have IELTS band 6 before joining the undergraduate course. 

Students coming from English medium institutions are required to take a placement test in English and based on their scores will be admitted on to the appropriate programme. Students with IELTs 6.5 or students who score above 65% on the University's English APL test are exempted from the English language modules on the undergraduate programme.

How much does it cost per term? Per year?

Majan’s fee structure can be found at:





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