Student Services and Alumni Relations

The Student Services and Alumni Relations provides a variety of services, namely:

  1. Student Hostel
  2. Clinic and Health Care
  3. Guidance & Counselling
  4. Services to International students
  5. Private transportation
  6. Student activities and student council
  7. Shopping and leisure trips
  8. Graduation ceremony

Student Hostel

Student Hostels are an important service provided. There are two hostels, one for females and other for males. Students registered in the college hostel are expected to follow all rules and regulations stated in the Hostel Regulations booklet. Registered students can take advantage of all services in the hostel, including free transportation (to and from college), free electricity and water, free cooking gas and of course free Wi-Fi high-speed internet access.

Students’ Clinic and Health Care

Students of Majan College receive an initial treatment for some common ailments in the clinic while critical cases are referred to the appropriate hospitals. The number of students that benefit from the services of the clinic has increased over a period of time. Student Health is taken care of by sending students to local hospitals from the college or from the hostel, with transportation provided in emergency cases. A doctor visits the female hostel twice a month.

Student counselling

This involves giving students some tips on their studies and how to relate to lecturers and their colleagues. Students are counselled on the code of conduct, general demeanour and student attendance.

Main Objectives:

  1. Provide advice to students.
  2. Provide solutions for various student problems.
  3. Help students to understand and handle individual differences and fitting in to the college environment.

International Students

Pre-arrival information is made available to international students on some of the practical aspects of living and studying in Majan University College in addition to details about the support provided during study periods.

Process of Enrolment

After all required documents are received by Admissions and initial acceptance given:

  1. An acceptance letter for issuance of approval by Ministry of Higher Education (NOC from giving student visa).

  2. HR Department and Admissions make the necessary arrangement to get a student visa.

  3. International students are required to stay in the College’s hosted where they are made comfortable. They are taken from the airport and an appropriate place found for them in the student hostel. A tour is then arranged for them to get to know their surroundings, and the city.

Private transportation

Private transportation is arranged for students who live in Muscat.

Student extracurricular activities

Extra-curricular activities are organised for students wishing to refine their talents and gain athletic skills and technical and leadership skills. There are sports teams for all games, and any student can register for any activity in which they wish to participate. College teams are also involved in most of the games and local sporting activities, and sometimes international events.  There are religious, national and festive occasions, observed annually.

Shopping and leisure trips

Female students that reside in the hostel can enjoy the daily shopping and leisure trips service, accompanied by wardens to guarantee their safety and comfort.

Graduation Ceremony

The final stage is no doubt very important! Graduates are kept informed of the graduation ceremony. They need to comply with all necessary measures to ensure attendance at the graduation ceremony. The Student Services Centre works closely with the Registry Department and Postgraduate Centre to make the necessary arrangements for the graduation ceremony.


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