The College has grown in leaps and bounds with various achievements to be proud of including its numerous graduates gainfully employed and working in all sectors of the economy. Majan has gained many awards including:

  • Top Omani Brand' in the 'Higher Education' category - 15th of March, 2023
  • MUC won 4 awards: Student Support, Advance Tech, Best Exhibitor and eventually the distinguished ‘Best of Best’ award at the Excellence in Higher Education Award Event hosted by the Global Higher Education Expo, GHEDEX 2022.
  • MUC won the Internet of Things (IoT) award at the Future Skills & HRD Conference by GHEDEX Series 2021 held in December at the Crown Plaza, Qurum.
  • Most Trusted Private Higher Education brand in Oman by OER, 2019.
  • 1st higher education institution to achieve full institutional accreditation by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA), 2017.
  • No 1 in AIWA Awards for Best Performing Companies in 2016.
  • Partner of the Year Award' by the University of Bedfordshire in their awards ceremony 2016.
  • Most Trusted Brand Award by OER, 2016.
  • No 1 in AIWA Awards for Best Performing Companies in 2015.
  • Most Trusted Brand Award by OER, 2015.
  • No 1 in AIWA Awards for Best Performing Companies in 2014.
  • No 2 in AIWA Awards for Best Performing Companies in 2013.
  • No 1 in the field of private higher education in Oman (Business Today Best Brands Surveys 2008, 2009 and Oman Observer Surveys, 2008, 2009).
  • World Quality Commitment by Business Initiative Directions in Paris in 2007.

Commitment to the provision of quality education, enhancing standards and continuous improvement are fundamental to Majan's core values. This commitment is reflected in the very positive Quality Audit Report published by the Oman Accreditation Authority in January 2010.

Audit Report


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