How to apply ?

Applications can be made to the Admissions Department within the College at any stage throughout the year. Candidates are invited to visit the Admissions Department where our Admissions Officers/Advisors will be happy to assist in advising you of a suitable course. The College's normal starting dates for undergraduate programmes are in September and February each year. Online registration is available during registration periods. For more information, please ask the Admissions Department.

Undergraduate Entry Criteria

  • You will need to get your General Education/High School diploma attested by the Ministry of Education (Oman) and provide a copy of the equivalency letter and present the original for verification.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Two personal photographs.

Check the complete list of our Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Entry Test

All students must take the undergraduate entry test covering English Language, Mathematics and IT. Depending on the outcome of your test, you may be eligible for exemption from certain foundation and UG modules. Please contact us for more details.


IELTS is not required for enrollment at Majan University College, but with a valid IELTS Academic certificate you can be exempted from certain foundation and UG English language modules. Please contact us to inquire about your status and the fees after modules are exempted.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

This service is for students transferring from other Colleges/Universities. Mature students may be able to enrol on their chosen course at level 3 or 4 or 5 with RPL credits for prior learning. Recognition of Prior Certificated Learning (RPCL) may be granted to students who have gained relevant higher–level qualifications from other institutions. Such credits must be agreed before starting the programme and all credit decisions are subject to formal approval by the University of Bedfordshire. RPL credits will not be considered for level 6

The College does not consider experience for granting RPL credits

Exemption Testing

Students coming to Majan University College can take tests to be exempted from foundation programme modules, lower level IT modules, and English language modules on the degree programmes. Please also note that current IELTS exam certificates can also be used for exemption purposes.

Please visit the registry for information about the timings of these exams.

A brief overview of the tests is given below

English Exemption Test (for exemption from English modules in the Foundation Programme and level 3+ modules)

Subject matter    
  • Listening comprehension (50 minutes)
  • Reading comprehension / Vocabulary (30 minutes)
  • Writing (40 minutes)
Mode of Testing
  • Online
Types of Questions 
  • MCQs.
  • Short Answers.
  • Essay
Exam Duration
  • 2 Hours (total)

Maths Exemption Test (For exemption from Maths modules in the Foundation Programme)

Subject matter 
  • Basic arithmetic Operations
  • Operations on fractions
  • Exponents and radical
  • Basic Probability
  • Basic statistics
  • Basic Probability
  • Linear & Quadratic equations
  • Basic logarithmic properties
  • Basic trigonometry
  • Rationalize denominator
  • Intercepts
  • Basic coordinate geometry
  • Converting to decimal fraction and Percentage
  • Functions
  • Angles and their Measures
Mode of Testing
  • Online
Types of Questions 
  • True/ False
  • MCQ
  • Short answer

Exam Duration
  • 1 hour

IT Exemption Test (for exemption from IT modules in the Foundation Programme and Level 3 IT modules)

Subject matter    
  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • Internet and WWW.
  • Computer Security.
  • Networking.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Identifying Hardware and Software.
  • Working with files, folders, and applications.
  • File sharing and the use of Google Drive, Google Docs, sheets, slides, and Google forms.
Mode of Testing
  • Online
Types of Questions 
  • True/ False
  • MCQ
  • Short Answers
Exam Duration
  • 1 hour


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