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MOVE is Majan's Online Learning Environment. It is based on Moodle, a system used by over 65,000 educational institutions worldwide. It provides a learning environment that can be accessed anywhere and at any time, extending the learning experience outside the four walls of the classroom. Lecturers can use MOVE to provide self-testing assessments, module resources, online discussions and many more interesting and engaging activities. At Majan MOVE is a key part of our students learning. They submit all their assignments electronically on MOVE, and access module materials and activities.
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Masader is an initiative of The Research Council (TRC) provide access to 22 research databases covering Business, IT, English Language and other subjects. 

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Turnitin is an online assignment submission service that Majan College subscribes to. It provides 2 key benefits to us:

  1. It compares any submission to hundreds of thousands of online sources, essay banks and other student submissions. This allows it to assign the submission a "similarity score”. This helps lecturers to ensure none of your fellow students are unfairly benefiting by passing off someone else's work as their own.
  2. It provides an online marking system called Grademark. Lecturers can use this to provide feedback to you. Feedback delivered through grademark is clear and easy to understand. It appears on your document next to the section they are feeding back to you about.


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