Wednesday, 05 December 2018 08:24

Majan College Academic’s Research Praised in the Ottawa Business Journal

A research-based article co-authored by Dr Tahseen Arshi, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business Management at Majan University College, has received fulsome praise in an op- ed piece published in the Ottawa Business Journal and available online. The article, written in collaboration with Emeritus Professor Paul Burns of the University of Bedfordshire (UK), the long-term partner of Majan College, investigates and describes the elements within what is known as ‘entrepreneurial architecture’. Writing in the Ottawa Business Journal, which is widely read in Canada’s capital city and beyond, renowned writer and consultant Mischa Kaplan describes the Arshi and Burns article as “the most comprehensive explanation to date of the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation in large firms.” The term ‘entrepreneurial architecture’ refers to the interconnected system of elements to be found within an organization oriented towards innovation. The paper by Arshi and Burns, which draws on a quantitative study of 400 different firms, is able to show, for instance, that the more entrepreneurial a sizeable company is, the more it will be able to align its products and services with the demands in the marketplace in innovative ways. The authors present a framework that showcases several important characteristics that a large company must exhibit in order to make itself more entrepreneurial. According to Mischa Kaplan, the article points the way forward in two important ways. It shows in practical terms how a large company can become more entrepreneurial over time, and it demonstrates on the basis of research evidence how this can lead to increased levels of innovation. Kaplan concludes by saying that the Arshi and Burns article, published in the Journal of Entrepreneurship (Volume 28, number 2) “should have a far-reaching impact on corporate leaders wishing to harness the productive and innovative power of entrepreneurship.”

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