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Full accreditation from the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority

Majan University College is the first institution to receive full accreditation from the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority

On the 21st December 2017, the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) held a press conference at Majan University College (MUC) to formally announce that Majan is the first HEI in the Sultanate to receive its institutional accreditation. The press conference was presided over by HE Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Sarmi, the Chairman, Board of Directors of OAAA and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Dr. Salim Bin Reddha Al Redhwi, the CEO of OAAA. Also in attendance were Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohsin Al Ghassani and Dr. Ahmed Min Masood Al Kindi, both Board Directors at OAAA, Sheikh Nasr Al Hosni (Vice Chairman of MUC Board of Directors) and Dr. Maha Kobeil (MUC Dean and CEO).

In 2011 the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) initiated a review and revision of the institutional standards which govern the accreditation of Higher Education institutions in Oman. Once accredited, institutions are required to go through a Standards Assessment every five years in order to maintain their accreditation status [1].


The Standards Assessment is an extensive audit covering every aspect of the operations of an institution. It is closely benchmarked against standards applied by other international accreditation agencies. Specifically, the Standards Assessment covers nine standards of equal importance. These standards are as follows:

  1. Governance & Management
  2. Student Learning by Coursework Programs
  3. Student Learning by Research Programs
  4. Staff Research & Consultancy
  5. Industry & Community Engagement
  6. Academic Support Services
  7. Students & Student Support Services
  8. Staff & Staff Support Service
  9. General Support Services & Facilities.

Each standard is divided into multiple criteria, each of which has to be met and shown, with evidence, to be a well embedded process within the institution. If any criterion is not met, or more than two criteria in a standard are only partially met, the institution will be put on probation or conditionally accredited. Only an institution that passes each standard will be awarded full, unconditional accreditation for the next five-year cycle.

Majan University College submitted its Standards Assessment Application in 2016. The application took more than a year to compile and consisted of a 300+ page document and nearly 1,500 pieces of evidence to support the claims made in the document. All staff at Majan were involved in the multi-stage process and contributed their respective expertise to the final submission. After completion and submission of the application, the OAAA appointed an international panel of auditors to review the material and conduct a week-long site visit, along with extensive interviews of staff and students. The panel's job was to review thoroughly the submission, and to triangulate the College's claims against data collected from interviews, examination of documentary evidence, and first-hand scrutiny of College facilities and practices.

After completing this process, Majan University College is thrilled to announce that not only has it achieved full institutional accreditation [2], it is the first institution in Oman to do so. Majan is especially proud that three of the criteria related to "Student Learning by Coursework Programs" were rated "3", a rating which indicates that the institution exceeds the rating some of the time and exhibits "good" practice in the area assessed. It is through Student Learning by Coursework Programs that Majan University College makes its most important contribution to Oman's society, so Majan’s staff and Board members are delighted to receive this external recognition of the quality of their work.


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