Human Resources

The Human Resource Department of Majan College works to maintain an environment which encourages all employees to achieve their personal and professional goals, and their aspirations and potential, as they work toward achieving the college's mission as well as their department's and faculties’ goals. The key activities of the department include:

  • Recruitment and staff development,
  • Ensuring that the college's personnel practices conform to the applicable laws and regulations of the country,
  • Managing the college's approach to employee benefits, compensation, employee records and personnel policies.

The college encourages teamwork by employing people from a wide range of backgrounds whose diverse knowledge and experience helps enhance our teaching and learning experience, as well as work alongside our strategic objectives. All employees are treated with respect and are encouraged to voice their opinions and suggestions and are given opportunities to realise their potential.

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Tel: +968 24730439 / 438


The Majan College campus with 18,890 sq meters of land is located in a prime location in Darsait. The Facilities Department is responsible for the overall maintenance and supervision of all the College’s physical facilities. It maintains records of all College properties and assets, leased or owned. 

The operational activities of campus and facilities management can be broadly categorised as:

  • Building and maintenance,
  • Grounds maintenance,
  • Services, supply and maintenance,
  • Planning and project management.

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Tel:  +968 24730437 / 436
Fax: + 968 24730493
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Quality Assurance

The College was one of the first higher education institutions in Oman to establish a quality assurance directorate.  The Directorate of Quality Assurance (QA) was set up in May 2000 and has firmly established comprehensive quality assurance policies and procedures that are detailed in the Quality Assurance Manual (QAM). The directorate develops, implements and monitors the strategies, processes and procedures that govern all academic and support functions in the College. It works closely with all Academic Faculties to monitor and enhance the quality of the students’ learning experience and academic standards.

The Quality Assurance Committee has the responsibility for monitoring and reviewing the quality assurance systems and procedures. The committee comprises the Head of Quality Enhancement, Faculty Directors and Coordinators for QA from each Faculty, the Associate Dean for QA and the Dean. The Faculty Boards of Study and Programme Committees have an important role in identifying and discussing quality issues within each faculty.

The College's quality assurance and enhancement measures include:

  • External Examiner System for moderation of assessments and marking; verification of standards.
  • Internal moderation of assessments and marking to ensure consistency of approach and transparency.
  • Chairing of undergraduate Examination Boards by University of Bedfordshire.
  • Annual programme and faculty monitoring.
  • Student Representation in committees.
  • Student Feedback on Teaching and Learning.
  • Performance Indicators.
  • Peer review of teaching.
  • Annual Staff Performance appraisal.
  • Academic Advising system.
  • Internal and external programme validation and review stages.
  • An Intranet site for use by teachers to share good practice.
  • Module Reports produced at the end of each semester.
  • Online Induction for new staff.
  • Personal mentor allocation for new staff members
  • Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire.

All academic programmes are approved after a strict and thorough process of internal and external validation. Every four years, Majan revalidates its programmes where programme teams update the curricula and incorporate feedback from a variety of sources, particularly students, industry, employers and external examiners.


Majan University College has a large library with a variety of learning spaces, IT facilities and resources. The library exists to support all MUC students in their studies by providing access to a well curated collection of physical and electronic learning resources. 

Online Library Portal:


  • Over 18,000 printed books. Over 260,000 e-books and e-Journals through Masader.
  • Daily newspapers and resources to discover Oman.

Online Information Resources

Masader | Oman Virtual Science Library

Masader is an initiative of The Research Council (TRC) Oman and provides over 18 research databases covering Business, IT, English Language and other subjects.

Library services

The Library provides the following services to Patrons:

  • Induction Workshop.
  • Remotely accessible research databases.
  • Online and remotely accessible Library catalogue.
  • Computer Lab.
  • Wireless access.
  • Photocopying, printing & scanning.
  • WhatsApp Service (92090113).
  • A quiet place to read and study.
  • Posted public Library hours.
  • Check out, return or renew books through the Self-Service Kiosk.
  • View issued books and renew them through the Library portal, mobile application and the self-station Self-Service Kiosk.
  • Information Desk to provide circulation and information searching assistance to Library Patrons.
  • Assistance by telephone and email.

Contact Details

Tel: +968 24730413 / 443
WhatsApp: 92090113
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registry & Admission Staff

Registry Staff

  • Ms. Nabila Al Macki -  Associate dean, Quality Assurance & Registry
  • Kasi Viswanathan - Director for Registry Systems
  • Erwin Mabeza -  Senior Software Developer/Systems Analyst
  • Shamsa Al Musalami -  Head of Admissions
  • Ziyad Al Maimani -  Deputy Head of Admissions
  • Thuraia Al Jabri -  Educational models technician

Admission Staff

  • Zainah Al Hinai - Registry Manager
  • Aliya Al Rawahi - Registry Assistant
  • Mohammed Al Sidairi Registry Assistant



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