Graduate Attributes

MUC’s concept of what it means to be a graduate is defined by the generic attributes that the College aims to instil in its graduates. These are:




Knowledge and Academic Skills

Graduates will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in their functional domains and apply it to professional practice. The students should engage in lifelong learning.

●      Apply knowledge in task-fulfilment and problem-solving;

●      Analyse and evaluate current knowledge of the discipline in professional situations;

●      Be critical in acknowledging multiple theoretical  perspectives

●      Learn independently and cooperatively

●      Demonstrate capacity for self-reflection and self-assessment and plan personal and professional development;

●      Uphold a spirit of inquiry and openness to learning.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Graduates will show entrepreneurial orientation and apply it in their professional and personal lives and contribute towards the economic development of  society

●      Recognize opportunities and take initiatives within and outside the discipline

●      Demonstrate creativity and Innovation in professional and personal situations;

●      Identify and solve problems;


Information Management and Communication

Graduates will demonstrate high levels of information literacy and communicate effectively

●      Use contemporary information technology independently to enhance learning;

●      Collect, analyse, and interpret data for surveys and investigations;

●      communicate effectively and appropriately in all modes of communication in all settings.

Ethical and Social responsibilities

Graduates will show qualities of responsible citizens and lead by example

●      The ability to conduct oneself with dignity in the workplace and in society reflecting ethical and moral values;

●      Show willingness to share good qualities, practices and values  with other members in society;

●      Show sensitivity towards others in society and exhibit social and cultural tolerance.

MUC focuses on academic, non-academic and student support activities to inculcate these attributes in its graduates.

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