Foundation Programme Exemption and APL testing

Students coming to Majan University College can take tests to be exempted from foundation programme modules, lower level IT modules, and English language modules on the degree programmes. Please also note that current IELTS exam certificates can also be used for exemption purposes.

Please visit the Registry Department for information about the timings of these exams.

A brief overview of the tests is given below

The UG English Test (for exemption from English modules in the foundation programme)

Subject matter
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Writing 1 and Writing 2


Mode of Testing
  • A written exam (pen and paper)
Types of Questions
  • MCQs.
  • Writing
Exam Duration 2 Hours 


The APL English Test (for exemption from English modules in the degree programme)

Subject matter

·        Reading and Vocabulary

·        Words and grammar

·        Academic Skills - Editing

·        Academic Skills - Summary

·        Writing

Mode of Testing

·        A written exam (pen and paper)

Types of Questions

·        MCQs.

·        Writing

Exam Duration

2 Hours


IT Exemption Test (for exemption from Foundation and new level 1 IT modules)

Subject matter

·        Computer Fundamentals

·        Internet and WWW

·        Computer Security

·        Networking

·        Microsoft Word

·        Microsoft Excel

·        Microsoft PowerPoint


For new Level 1 IT Modules

·        Google documents, google sheets, google slides, and google forms

·        File management, network access and wireless configuration

·        Logical and Problem solving techniques

·        Decision – Making Skills


Mode of Testing

·        Practical exam on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

·        Theoretical Part covers Computer Fundamentals, Internet and WWW, Computer Security & Networking


For new Level 1 IT Modules


Theoretical questions will cover: Introduction to computer hardware and software, file management, google docs, network access and wireless configuration, idea generation, problem – solving, and critical thinking skills

Types of Questions

·        The theoretical part contains short answer questions.

·        The practical part contains questions relating to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students have to follow the instructions in each section and create the files for the respective applications and save them in a location specified in the question paper.


For new Level 1 IT Modules

·        Theoretical part contains multiple choice, Fill in the blanks and short answer questions on a range of IT issues.


Exam Duration

2 Hours 45 minutes (Conducted in a Lab)


Maths Exemption Test (For exemption from Maths modules in the Foundation Programme)

Subject Matter

·        Basic arithmetic Operations

·        Operations on fractions

·        Exponents and radical

·        Basic Probability

·        Basic statistics

·        Solve and graph linear equations

·        Basic logarithmic properties

·        Basic trigonometry

·        Rationalize denominator

·        Intercepts

·        Basic coordinate geometry

·        Converting to decimal fraction and Percentage


Mode of testing

Written Exam

Types of question

·        True/ False

·        MCQ

·        Fill in the blanks

·        Answer the following



·        1 hour 30 minutes

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