Wednesday, 01 June 2022 15:31

Inspirational Speech to Teachers by Dr Maha Kobeil of Majan University College

On Sunday 22nd May 2022 Majan University College (MUC) and the Global College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) signed two MoUs – one covering research and innovation, and the second focusing on benchmarking professional/non-academic support practices and processes, and staff development.

Dr Maha Kobeil, Majan University College’s Dean and Chief Executive Officer, presented the awards at the ‘Navin Asher Kazi Awards for Excellence in Teaching’ event held in Indian School, Al Seeb on 28th May 2022. he also gave an inspirational and well-received speech that focused on the vital role of teachers during the pandemic in acting as ‘first responders’, attending to the needs of children at this very difficult time.

His Excellency Shri Amit Narang, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman, graced the occasion with his presence, along with Ms Shununa Salim Alhabsi Assistant Director General for Special Education, Ministry of Education, and the Guest of Honour, Dr. Sivakumar Manickam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Indian Schools.

In her speech, Dr Maha spoke eloquently about the importance of celebrating teaching excellence at any time, but particularly in the aftermath of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. In Dr Maha’s view, teachers responded to the challenges faced during the pandemic by devoting extra time to supporting students and to upgrading their own skills so that the online learning experience could be as rich and interactive as possible. Teachers, said Dr Maha, ‘lay the foundations of education and learning for all children’ and in consequence they receive ‘unlimited love and respect’ from ‘generations of their students.’

Responding to the speech, Dr Sivakumar Manickam thanked Dr Maha for keeping the audience ‘spellbound’ and for the evident cordiality that she displayed both during her speech and throughout the event.


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