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Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony

On Sunday 22nd May 2022 Majan University College (MUC) and the Global College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) signed two MoUs – one covering research and innovation, and the second focusing on benchmarking professional/non-academic support practices and processes, and staff development.

The signing ceremony was hosted by MUC’s Dean, Dr Maha Kobeil and held in MUC’s modern auditorium. GCET was represented by the College’s Dean, Professor Geoffrey Elliott. Three staff from GCET and a range of staff from MUC also attended.

MUC was established in 1995 as the first private higher education institution in Oman and in 2017 it became the first HEI in Oman to receive national institutional accreditation by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (now the Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education). GCET was established in 2014 with the aim of offering high quality education in Engineering and Technology. The MoUs arose from recognition that the complementary profile of the two institutions, and the affiliation of both to UK universities, presents opportunities for cooperation and collaboration for mutual benefit, and will contribute to the ongoing development of higher education in Oman. As a mature, accredited HEI, MUC is well positioned to share established good practice, while as a younger institution GCET is capable of offering fresh insights and perspectives regarding institutional processes and practices. Preliminary discussion between the two institutions revealed a shared philosophy of education, a strong commitment to the professional development of staff, and a mutually ambitious agenda for research and innovation. Meetings involving the two institutions have also laid the foundation for strong personal and professional relationships between key staff, which will continue to develop as cooperation between the two colleges continues.

Following a number of initial productive and mutually beneficial activities, GCET and MUC are looking forward to an ongoing friendship and enduring professional partnership.

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