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Majan University College launched the Chromelab on March 2018 after a year's worth of research and planning. The Chromelab was designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind. The innovative and colourful lab features furniture specially selected to facilitate Chromebook use, The lab is equipped with a 40 x 360° flip screen Chromebooks, a Google Chromecast, whiteboards and a projector screen. Through using Chromebooks students develop skills in collaboration, communication, research, problem-solving, creativity, inference and critical thinking. The Chromelab is a hands-on action classroom where 'learning by doing' takes precedence. The lab is designed to facilitate a student experience in which digital and traditional classroom learning are mixed, and where students are exposed to both experiential learning using technology and presenting their concepts verbally. The mobility of the furniture means that the lab is multi-functional. For example, it can host group discussions, debates, in-class tests, staff development sessions and a variety of other dynamic classroom activities.


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