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Contract Cheating Awareness Day

On 19th October Majan University College will be participating in the International Day of Action against Contract Cheating (a form of cheating in colleges and universities that happens when students submit academic work that was done by another person, usually for payment). Higher education institutions from many parts of the world will be involved in the day of action, including those from North America and Europe. Majan University College’s participation reflects its determination to uphold the integrity of higher education in the Sultanate.

The organisers of the international day of action (at the Academic Integrity Office of the University of California, San Diego) argue that contract cheating has for too long been a problem not spoken about. They are asking students, academics and teachers worldwide to use social media (hashtags #defeatthecheat and #excelwithintegrity) to explain just why contract cheating is wrong and why, if it is not confronted and opposed, it has the potential to damage the credibility and academic standards of education globally.

On 19th October, Majan University College staff and students will be collaborating in a series of events aimed at highlighting the dishonesty of contract cheating and the dangers it poses to higher education. Activities will include a graffiti wall, short talks and presentations and social media campaigns. 

To find out more about the day of action and to get involved, go to

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