BSc (Hons) Computing - Oil & Gas

The BSc (Computing) programme prepares students to demonstrate in-depth skills and knowledge in relation to IT applications that support business needs.

Salient Features of the Oil & Gas Pathway

The programme will equip students for a career in the domain of IT solutions and management in the Oil and Gas Industry. Graduates of the BSc (Hons) Computing (Oil & Gas) programme will be ideally positioned to acquire a job in the oil and gas industry among its IT solution providers. The programme is the first of its kind and is specifically designed for students looking to gain the required competency to help fill a major skills gap within the oil and gas industry. It will provide hands-on experience with technologies like SCADA, Wireless Sensor Network, Industrial Computing, Oil and Gas processes and Industrial Data networks.

This course will produce computing practitioners who:

  • Have a good understanding of Information Technology applications in the Oil and Gas industry.
  • Are able to design, implement and evaluate IT services with the needs of the Oil and Gas industry and its IT providers in mind
  • Possess a deep understanding of professional, ethical, legal and security issues in the industry 
  • Are able to integrate the use of IT tools and techniques into the framework of an appropriate development methodology to develop high quality software solutions.


  • Diploma in Higher Education
  • BSc (Honours)

Mode of delivery: Full-time and Part-time

Students must register for a particular award in order to qualify for that award

Pathway Objectives

This pathway aims to provide students with:

  • A good understanding of the IT requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • The ability to align IT services with the needs of the Oil and Gas industry and its IT providers.
  • Proficiency in the use of modern industrial computing environment 
  • The skills needed to design and develop computing solutions for the oil and gas industries.

Job Opportunities include

  • System Support Manager
  • Industrial Computing Executive
  • Oil & Gas Network Manager
  • SCADA System Administrator
  • Wireless Network Architect
  • Sensors Network Administrator

Modules in First Year (Level 3)

# Module Name Credits
1  Arabic Language and Society (Arabic speakers) / Omani Culture and Civilization (Non-Arabic Speakers) 15
2 English Vocabulary in Use 15 
3 Fundamentals of Business Management 15 
4 Fundamentals of ICT 15 
5 English for General Reading and Writing 15 
6 Professional Communication Skills in English 15 
7 Fundamentals of Personal Development  15 
8 Logical and Problem Solving Skills  15 
  Total Credits 120 


Modules in Second Year (Level 4)

# Module Name Credits
1 Integrated Language Skills for IT 15
2 Mathematical and Statistical Skills 15 
3 Computer Systems and Networking 15 
4 Introduction to Programming 15 
5 Academic Reading and Writing for IT 15 
6 Digital Logic Design 15 
7 System Analysis and Design 15 
8 Data Structure and Algorithms 15 
  Total Credits 120


Modules in Third Year (Level 5)

# Module Name Credits
1 English for Professional Development and Communication 15
2 IT Research Methods 15 
3 Database Management Systems 15 
4 Local Area Networks 15 
5 Oil and Gas Business Processes 15 
6 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition 15 
7 Industrial Data Networks 15 
8 Data Visualization Techniques 15 
  Total Credits 120


Modules in Fourth Year (Level 6)

# Module Name Credits
1 Project Management Methods and Tools 15
2 Database Administration 15 
3 Wireless Sensor Networks in the Oil and Gas Industry 15 
4 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 15 
5 Enterprise Information Management 15 
6 Entrepreneurship and Small Business 15 
7 Technology Project (Dissertation) 30 
  Total Credits 120

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