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The Faculty of English Language Studies (FoELS) strategically plans to continue research and scholarly activities with the objectives of increasing the number of research-active staff, informing teaching and learning with research outputs and encouraging more research-based learning among students. Various staff-members are currently engaged in doctoral level research, individual theoretical research and action research. In addition, a number of them are also supervising undergraduate research projects on topics which are very relevant to the disciplines.

Recent presentations and publications by FoELS staff include the following:

Boggu, A. (2014) Language learning strategies among less proficient learners in Oman. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 19(9), pp. 46-53.

Boggu, A. (2015) Poster Presentation as an Effective Communication Tool in an EFL Context. International Journal of Language and Linguistics, 2(5), pp. 203-213.

Boggu, A. and Lamis, D. (2015) ‘Poster Presentation as an effective communication tool’, International Conference on 'Regional Challenges to Multidisciplinary Innovation, 05-06 October 2015, Dubai

 Boggu, A. (2015) ‘Unsuccessful language learners contribution towards strategy instruction’, 15th International ELT Conference, 23-24 April 2015, Oman

Ghosh. R. (2014) E-learning and its role in reshaping teaching methods and techniques. Presented at the First Dhofar University National English Language Conference.  Dhofar University, 22-24 February 2014.

Ghosh, R. (2014) Developing pragmatic competence in adult Omani EFL learners by refining their performance of speech acts. Presented at the AILA World Congress of Applied Linguistics, in Brisbane, Australia, August 10-15, 2014.

Ghosh, R. (2015) Pedagogy of English linguistics as a means of redistribution of academic power. Presented at The Third European Conference on Education (IAFOR), Brighton, UK, July 1-5, 2015.

Lamis, D. (2015) 'Teaching English and motivating students in a learner-centered classroom', 1st ELT Professional Development Symposium: Notions of Good Teaching in ELT Classrooms, 07 January 2015, Higher College of Technology, Muscat.

Mathew, Y. (2015) Philosophy and education with special reference of Gandhian views. [online] www.researchscholar.co.in Available at:http://www.researchscholar.co.in/downloads/4-dr.-george-kolanchery.pdf [Accessed 26 May 2016].

Mathew, Y. (2015) Edmund Spencer as the poet's poet. International Journal of English language and Literature and Humanities,9(1), p.p 76-79.  

Mishra, T. (2016) Presentation on Academic Integrity at Majan University College in January, 2015.

Mishra, T. (2015) Writing Module Descriptors at Majan University College In April, 2015

Mishra, T.  (2015)  Self-access or Access to Self? Paper presented at the TESOL Arabia International Conference, in March, 2015 Dubai, UAE].

Mishra, T. (2016) Workshop on Formative Assessment at the Indian School Darsait Educational Conference titled Simplifying Teaching December,2014.

Nikolayeva, L., (2015) Typology of Kinship Terms. Berlin: Peter Lang.

Tajeddin, Z. and Tayebipour, F. (2015).  Interface between L2 learners' pragmatic performance, language proficiency, and individual/group ZPD, Journal of Applied Research on English Language, 4 (1), pp. 31-43.

Sobhani M. and Tayebipour, F. (2015). The Effects of Oral vs. Written Corrective Feedback on EFL Learners’ Essay Writing, Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 5, (8).

Tayebipour, F. and Riasati M.J. (2015). Grammatical competence development of nursery school children acquiring Persian, The Journal of Applied Linguistics, Islamic Azad University of Tabriz. Tabriz, Iran.

Kargar N. and Tayebipour, F. (2015). The effect of scaffolding on EFL learners’ reading comprehension, Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods, 5 (4).

Eftekharian E. and Tayebipour, F. (2015). On the effects of pair work on EFL learners’ writing skill. Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods,

Tayebipour, F. (2015). Task-based Language Learning/Teaching Revisited, The First ELT Professional Development Symposium: Notions of Good Teaching in ELT classrooms, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Oman.

Research projects undertaken by students in the 2014-16 include:

a. Intelligibility of pronunciation in the Expanding Circle of Use of English such as in Oman

b. Interlanguage pragmatics and acquisition of speech acts by EFL learners

c. Study of student motivation

d. E-learning and blended pedagogy

e. Media of reading: Hard copy books versus online reading materials

f. Code-switching between English and Arabic

g. Translation and its relation to culture, society and religion

h. Independent learning

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